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Comm-Co •••
is a telecommunications company founded in 1992 in Hulst, a sole proprietorship. In 2006, Comm-co changed into a  BV. Currently Comm-Co has a team of  6 employees. The company provides internships for students who study'ing the IT or business direction . Comm-Co's name is short for Communication-Company. Our specialization of telecommunications in the broadest sense ... mainly for the business market.

Communication & Saving advice
Comm-Co focuses on communication in the broadest sense. Caring for improving your accessibility by offering a wide range of products and services. Not just  mobile phones, faxes, answering machines are supported, but also  most of the  modern navigation systems, video conferencing systems and explosion proof products.

An important service we provide is the conclusion of mobile phone subscriptions. We were dealers of the provider Dekatel. Dekatel does not, however, support dealers anymore , but all other providers provide subscriptions. We advise you to choose the right subscription. You can save a lot of money (usually cheap buy expensive)! We also have special providers such as Galaxy.


We perform maintenance and repairs on various means of communication. These are mainly mobile phones, but also  printers and PCs come in regularly for repairs. If the repairs are specialized, they are redirected to an authorized service or supplier. It is always possible to receive a replacement phone.

••• Comm-Co,wide oriented in communication!


Comm-Co BV

Kreekzoom 9 4561 GX Hulst
Tel : +31114 370030
E-Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Rabobank Hulst 330487701
IBAN: NL37 RABO 0330 4877 01
BTW NR: NL823684568B01
K.v.K: 50329251

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