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We sell what you need, not what we have

Comm-co has been a partner in telecommunication especially in the business market since 1992. With years of expertise and knowledge we are known as a specialist on this field. Comm-co handles the distribution of ATEX certified products throughout the world (30 countries). We have a range of more then 250 products. Examples: special camera's fittings, mobile phones, (security) camera's, flash lights and radio.

Comm-co is a versatile player worldwide in the field of ATEX, ruggedized and customized products. We operate from Hulst with references : Yara, Shell, Total, BP, KLM, Sanyo, Sonim Maersk, ABB, Fabricom Boskalis and Royal Haskoning.

One of our newest products is an ATEX portable video conferencing system. We also offer solutions for security camera’s, telemetry, videoconference in the cloud, RFID solutions and customized software.

Duerinck: “The customers calls it a problem, we call it a challenge.” If there isn't a ready-made product on the market then Duerinck thinks of it himself. “That is how we made a PDA with fingerprint recognition that works on batteries for an cocoa trader in Ghana. That way he could do his administration for all the cocoa organisations in the area.” Another recent project was for the large community Nijmegen to develop a system where it was possible to reserve cars which use natural gas through the internet/RFID. We also have various telemetry solutions such as measurement of water levels and bridge load delivered.

With the years of experience there is for every specified question a solution. The ingenuity of Duerinck and its employees did not go unnoticed. More and more international companies are finding Comm-co and recently Comm-co has won an Yes Award for his creative presentation in the Telecom.

Comm-co facts:

  • Founded in 1991
  • Five permanent employees, 19-15 specialised freelancers
  • Represents the largest manufacturers in the world in telecommunications. Examples: Extronics, Panasonic, Cordec, Bartec, Ecom, Getac and DRS
  • www.comm-co.com www.atexshop.com www.ruggedshop.nl

Comm-Co BV

Kreekzoom 9 4561 GX Hulst
Tel : +31114 370030
E-Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Rabobank Hulst 330487701
IBAN: NL37 RABO 0330 4877 01
BTW NR: NL823684568B01
K.v.K: 50329251

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