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ATEX Detector CMVL 3600-IS Intrinsically Safe Vibration Meter


The SKF Machine Vibration Meter is a certified intrinsically safe Vibration Detector. The rugged vibration meter that is ideal for use in hazardous environments typically found in the petrochemical industrial marketplace.


The CMVL 3600-IS intrinsically safe machine vibration meter is designed to provide a straightforward approach to machinery monitoring. The instrument's sensor affixes to a machine point via a SK Marlin quick connect stud or magnetic base for automatic collection of vibration and temprature data. The ATEX Vibration Detector makes use of green, yellow and red LEDs to provide easy to interpret indications of machine status, this way operations or maintenance personnel can quickly identify the need for more in-depth analysis on a particular machine.

When performing measurements, the intrinsically safe vibration meter's sensor input signal is processed to produce two vibration measurements for each measurement point. The ATEX Vibration Detector identifies phenomena which are observable in the low to mid frequency range, and can detect structural problems such as mis-alignment, unbalance, mechanical looseness and more. The SKF ATEX Vibration Meter can also detect events which occur in higher frequency ranged such as bearing and gear problems.

The SKF intrinsically safe vibration detector also has the option to measure temperature. By the use of an "early warning" system the ATEX Vibration Detector can offer a useful indication of mechanical condition or the load applied to a specific component. The CMVL 3600-IS ATEX Vibration Pen is easily programmed for six different alarm settings including "alert" and "danger" levels for each of the three measurements. When a measurement is taken the intrinsically safe vibration pen, the current measured values are automatically compared to six user- defined settings and the ATEX Vibration Detector reacts appropriately. The CMVL 3600-IS ATEX Vibration Meter gives an early warning of impending problems for which immediate indepth analysis should be performed using the "alert" condition. The "danger" condition indicates that a problem has escalated to the point where action has to be made quickly to avoid a serious failure.

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