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Atex - helmets, headset

CT-ContactCom for Helmets and Masks
The original CeoTronics CT-ContactCom is a contact microphone that picks up the voice from the top of the head and amplifies it for transmission by a radio. Ideal for use with helmets and masks in application where traditional lip microphones, with or without a boom, cannot be used.
The special design with a flexible anti-aging bellows, which contains the acoustic pick-up, is warranted comfortable to wear with optimal contact to the top of the head, even after many years of use.
The microphone and the speaker are integrated in the helmet in such a way that no parts protrude that might cause injuries.
• Optimum pressure free contact of the microphone and human skull
• The special design with a flexible anti-aging bellows, which contains the acoustic pick-up, is warranted comfortable to wear with optimal contact to the top of the head, even after many years of use.
• The microphone and the speaker are integrated in the helmet in such a way
that no parts protrude that might cause injuries.
• The amplifier electronics do not come into contact with the microphone, and therefore cannot be damaged.
• Clear audibility during use at ambient noise levels of 90-100 dB(A).also when used with Respirator Masks,
• Because of the modular design, parts are easily replaced and built into helmets and masks.
• Between the microphone/speaker combination and the PTT button there is a weather-resistant easy-mate safety connection.
• Rapid exchange of radios and PTT when all firemen are equipped with CTContactCom system and a safety connection.
CT-HD PTT Button
The CT-HeavyDuty PTT is also a by CeoTronics development and conforms to the highest practical requirements. It is weather resistant and characterized by a precise switching function and high mechanical reliability – operates over
500,000 times (MTBF).
• The large surface button makes it easy to use.
• Keying is possible even with gloves, under clothing or using the elbow, even by only pressing the edge.
• The PTT operation is always positive as the total surface of the PTT button is functional.
• An opposing spring mechanism ensures that even if the button is pressed heavily neither the electronics nor the micro-switches can be damaged.
• On the back the PTT button is equipped with a plastic base plate and a plastic clothing clip, which can be adjusted in steps of 90°.
• Sturdy ABS plastic guarantees maximum resistance to breakage.
• The cable is highly resistant to breakage and is designed to be bend up to 30,000 times without breaking or electrical failure.
• The PTT is available optionally with a metal base plate and/or an extremely sturdy metal clamp and/or with a protective ring for the PTT button against accidental transmitter keying and optionally as waterproof version

Atex helmets

CT Safety Connection
The unique safety connection, which links the microphone/speaker unit and the PTT button for all CeoTronics communication systems used with helmets and masks, provides greater safety if the cable is snagged while running or in case of a motorcycle accident.
It disconnects automatically at a defined resistance of approx. 45 N, thus minimizing the danger of neck or head injuries. The weather-resistant, fail-safe safety connection is coded, and due to its special construction can be put
together easily without looking at it. Other connections like jack-plugs that are often just attached to a simple PTT cannot offer an equivalent standard of personal protection and security.

CT Atex communication system
Used by Fire Brigades, Emergency and Rescue Services
Secure communication with a high transmission quality is vital for firefighting and emergency services. Where firefighting and rescuing people are involved, misunderstandings and time-consuming queries resulting from comprehension
difficulties can even cost lives. Lifesavers must therefore be able to rely one hundred percent on their equipment.
Fire and rescue services count on the CeoTronics communication competence. With specialized solutions for HAZMAT teams and for Bomb Technicians, CeoTronics systems increase both the safety level for the operators and the success level of their operation

Safety first
When developing and designing communication systems for fire and rescue services CeoTronics attaches great importance to security, ease of handling and wearing comfort.
All products are resistant to heat and cold and chemical materials. The weather resistant systems are conceived for long-term use and are also extremely durable.
In addition, CeoTronics offers the largest selection of different high-quality products in explosion-protected ATEX design.
Reducing the control elements to what is necessary and orienting to absolute user-friendliness prevents confusion in decisive moments. For example, the transmission button is suitable for use with thick gloves or underneath protective
suits. It can be attached to the clothing and in this way can also be easily operated with the elbows. CeoTronics communication systems are put together individually depending on the purpose and coordinated to use with helmets,
whole body safety suits or respiratory masks.

Helm atex

Communication systems for emergencies
The variable CT-ContactCom audio system from CeoTronics with the original head-top microphone is extremely suitable for use in connection with helmets and respiratory masks. It picks up voice transmission directly from the top of the
head with a contact microphone. Alternatively, CeoTronics also offers different communication systems with boom microphones.
Both systems can be supplied independently of the helmet Typee or for specific helmets. A quick-release clamp that fits nearly all helmet Typees enables the change of systems from helmet to helmet in seconds wearing gloves as well and
without any tools at all.

CT digital radio networks, headsets and systems
The CT-DECT mobile digital radio system developed by CeoTronics for short ranges is taken by firefighters where it is needed.
The mobile users are able to communicate with each other on a duplex basis and hands-free, i.e. without having to use their hands for the PTT or to readjust a VOX control in changing noise situations. The CT digital radio system can also be
connected to analogue and digital radios for long ranges as well as to closed circuit intercom systems. There are no fees for use and a license is not required.

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