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Intrinsically Safe Communication Helmet FireTalk, ATEX Headset


The ATEX Communication Headset FireTalk is a Zone I helmet designed to provide optimum communication for fire- and rescue services.


The ATEX Communication Helmet FireTalk has a robust design, a waterproof electrets gooseneck microphone and a splash-proof send button care for guaranteed performance. As universal communication unit the Intrinsically Safe FireTalk Headset can be adapted to all standard helmets quickly.

 The ATEX Headset FireTalk Zone II has a microphone and acoustical tube form in one unit. The cylindrical design of the acoustical tube is of specific advantage, it fits into the helmet adapter only by putting the ATEX Headset inside. The ATEX Communication Headset FireTalk has an electret pattern and makes use of noise cancelling technology. The ATEX Communication Helmet has a frequency range of 100 Hz - 5 kHz and an impedance of 2500 Ohm.

The Intrinsically Safe Communication Headset FireTalk has a black impact resistant plastic housing and is IP54 protection certified. The ATEX Headset FireTalk has a temperature range -30 Celsius up to +70 Celsius and weighs only 130g. The ATEX Headset FireTalk has protection against dust and splashing water, making it the most versatile headset on the market. 


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