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Intrinsically Safe Digital Camera listed


You will find alot of intrinsically safe camera's in the marketplace, but not every one of them is of high quality. Some camera's lack proper features although some are merely to heavy to take care of or won't be intended in any way. To ease things up we've got listed the top intrinsically safe digital camera's out there a single handy list.

Intrinsically safe digital camera toughpix 2300XP

The Toughpix 2300XP is the newest intrinsically safe digital camera with intrinsically safe certification inside a Zone 1 IIC T4 hazardous explosive area. The cordex Toughpix 2300XP intrinsically safe digital camera was created to aid professionals in the petrochemical, gas, mining and marine industries to capture still images and short movies in hazardous and explosive area's efficiently and safely. The cordex Toughpix 2300XP intrinsically safe digital camera incorporates onboard, fully automatic strobe flash and red-eye reduction, the Toughpix 2300XP camera can capture still images in extreme, low light situations when using touch of a single button.

Toughpix 2300XP intrinsically safe digital camera carries a rugged IP54 design which mixes still and moving image capture ability. Intrinsically safe cordex Toughpix 2300XP atex digicam enables the documentation and processes within hazardous and explosive area's quickly with large, immediate access controls allowing operation with protective clothing. The Intrinsically safe Toughpix 2300XP intrinsically safe digital camera can capture images around a terrific 10 mega-pixels and moving pictures in AVI format. cordex Toughpix 2300XP camera can observe images and movies on the rear of you for that armoured LCD screen, during section of. That includes a massive onboard memory capacity of 4GB, the Intrinsically safe Toughpix 2300 XP intrinsically safe camera can store up to countless images that may be easily transferred by extremely fast USB communication hook up with a personal computer upon here we are with a good area.

The Cordex ToughPix 2300XP is an 5 megapixel camera, and takes pictures of 150 DPI, instead of 72 DPI that most cameras use. The difference between those two is that when you print the picture, the quality is much better.

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Intrinsically safe digital camera iCam502 Autofocus

The brand new iCAM502 Autofocus is a Zone 1 intrinsically safe digital camera and is the ideal visualisation tool to be employed in hazardous areas. Capable of taking pin-sharp images from as close to as 5cm, the iCAM502 is perfect for rating plates, wiring cabinets and general inspections. ATEX and IECEx certified, the iCAM502 is successful for most sectors of industry including Chemical & Pharmaceutical plants, Oil & Gas production platforms, Refineries and Mining to say a couple of.

The iCAM502 intrinsically safe digital camera is IP65 rated which can be worthy of easy use in essentially the most arduous environments. Its long slim lightweight enclosure, weighing under 200g, results in single handed operation, rendering it very portable within your net profit. Image quality is assessed using advanced image anlysis and reported with the user which has a feedback system.

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