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Noise Measurement With ATEX Sound Level Meters


Quest Technologies comes with a new extremely easy-to-use Basic Series Sound Level Meter for obtaining the most commonly required noise measurements.


The brand new Sound Level Meter can be used for noise measurements, such as SPL, Lmin, Lmax, Leq/Lavg, and Peak. The Sound Level Meter provides great features and conformance to sound level meter performance and intrinsically safe standards. The ATEX Sound Level Meter delivers an unmatched rugged and reliable performance.

The ATEX Sound Level Meter is an easy to use Noise Meter with a large liquid crystal display and simple one-button field calibration. The Intrinsically Safe Sound Level Meter has a innovative On-screen overload annunciator and integral AC and DC signal outputs. The ATEX Sound Level Meter is CE marked for EMI and RFI emissions and susceptibility and is Class 1 Type 1 or Class 2 Type 2 certified. The Sound Level Meter comes with a handy tripod mount for easy mounting and has a attractive weight and size. The 9V alkaline power source makes sure the Sound Level Meter never runs out of power.

The ATEX Sound Level Meter has a 30 up to 140 dBA measurement range and has a fast and a slow response mode, and A and C weighting mode. The Rugged Sound Level Meter displays SPL and maximum SPL. The Noise Meter has a low battery indicator and tough, RFI- shielded construction. The ATEX Noise Meter comes with an optional detachable microphone and 2, 10 and 50 ft microphone extension cables.

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