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Outstanding Performance With ATEX Gas Detector Monitox Plus


With decades of outstanding performance, the newest Compur Monitox Plus is the best on the market, the ATEX Gas Detector provides unmatched performance and value.


The ATEX Gas Detector shows actual gas concentration on a recessed LCD display and responds to hazardous concentrations within seconds giving an audible as well as visual alarm. The Monitox Plus ATEX Gas Detector is a very small and lightweight gas detector. The housing of the ATEX Gas Detector is made of sturdy, galvanized ABS, withstanding the harshest industrial environments. The Monitox Plus Intrinsically Safe Gas Detector has a black chromium plated surface that protect it from electromagnetic interference.

Handling the Monitox Plus ATEX Gas Detector is quick and easy. The sensor replacement is a breeze since a plug- in socket sensor allows replacement without even opening the instrument. A recessed button on the front side of the ATEX Gas Detector Monitox Plus allows easy access to a menu for automatic zero and calibration, giving the Monitox Plus ATEX Gas Detector the option to do calibrations without opening the instrument.

The Intrinsically Safe Gas Detector Monitox Plus has two alarms which can be easily set to any value within the measuring range of the gas detector by push- button technology. For added safety the ATEX Gas Detector features smart technology such as a " missing sensor- alarm" which detects if the electrical connection to the sensor has been damaged.

The ATEX Gas Detector portable gas warning system detects Cl2, CO, COCl2, HCN, H2S, NO2, HCl, A2H3, PH3, O2, N2H4, SO2, ClO2 toxic gases and oxygen. The ATEX Gas Detector  measures using an electrochemical cell and has an accuracy of +/- 10 %. The Monitox Plus ATEX has an operational temperature range of -20 Celsius to +40 Celsius. The ATEX Gas Detector is powered by a lithium battery and the average operationtime is 1000 h per set of batteries. The ATEX Gas Detector  weighs only 130g and is EEx ib ICC T6 Ex-certificated.


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