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The Fieldbook C1, a flexible rugged notebook

Fieldbook C1, one of a kind Rugged, Flexible and practical notebook perfect for use in harsh environments.


The Fieldbook C1 is the newest product in the Fieldbook series. The Fieldbook C1 rugged notebook is a light weight convertible PC which provides the advantages of a tablet PC and a rugged notebook in one unit. The Fieldbook C1 is specifically designed to reliably operate in harsh usage environments and conditions, such as strong vibrations, extreme temperatures and wet or dusty conditions.

The Fieldbook C1 rugged convertible PC has a great flexibility in I/O configurations and the various I/O modules ensure that the Fieldbook C1 always has the right interfaces for your application. The Fieldbook C1 rugged notebook has an integrated Intel Core i5 processor and up to 8GB DDR3 memory making the Fieldbook C1 ideally suited for advanced programs and applications. The magnesium alloy housing makes sure the Fieldbook C1 notebook can withstand every harsh condition.

The Fieldbook C1 rugged convertible PC has a 12,1" TFT LCD screen with LED-Backlight and operates at 1280 x 800 pixel with a resistive touchscreen. The Fieldbook C1 can operate from -20o C up to a stunning +50o C making it a truly allround rugged notebook.

The Fieldbook C1 rugged notebook opens the doors to creative deployment. Whether used in a rugged notebook configuration or changed to a tablet PC with a intuitive touch screen operation, whether in a factory or outdoors in the rain, whether as a service tool in the service bay or as in-vehicle navigation solution, the Fieldbook C1 rugged notebook is your reiable partner.

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