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The new iCam 501 Ultra Zone 0 ATEX Camera

The new iCam 501 Ultra Maximum improvement


The new iCam 501 Ultra Features New:

  • Improved lens
  • More powerful LED Flash producing 3 times more brightness
  • Brand new removeable silicon rubber casing
  • M1 mining certification


Extronics has launched its new ATEX Zone 0 camera, the iCam 501 Ultra. the ATEX iCam 501 Ultra intrinsically safe camera digital stills camera is the perfect visualisation tool for use in hazardous areas. ATEX and IECEx certified, the iCAM501 Ultra can be used in all sectors of industry including Chemical & Pharmaceutical plants, Oil & Gas production platforms, Dusty Enviroments,  Refineries, Mining and Emergency Services to name but a few.

The iCam 501 Ultra is an upgrade from the iCam 501 normal version which can be found HERE. And the 500 (Ex Cam which can be found HERE

The iCam 501 Ultra has a improved lens and more powerful LED flash producing three times the brightness. The iCam 501 Ultra ATEX Zone 0 Camera has a brand new, removable, silicon rubber casing is included with the iCAM501 Ultra ATEX Camera, at no extra cost.  This improves the look and feel of the iCam 501 Ultra ATEX camera and dramatically improves handling whilst wearing protective gloves. Made of rugged injection moulded anti static plastic, the iCAM501 Ultra ATEX Camera is IP65 rated (Zone 0) and is suitable for use in the most tough environments. Due to its long slim lightweight enclosure weighing less than 200g, the iCAM501 Ultra lends itself the title of the lighest ATEX Camera available in the ATEX Camera range to single handed operation, making it convenient to carry in your pocket.

The difference in certification is that the ATEX Camera has a new M1 mining certification for the iCAM501 Ultra Explosion proof Camera and expect to receive final FM certification within 14 days and also has the direct data solution, Data transfer to any computer in the safe area is simple and easy to undertake via a USB port utilising Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) which is initiated automatically. All images are date and time stamped to create a chronological history and are coupled to the unique function of Voice Annotation Audio records, which are systematically matched to the image filename. The icam 501 Ultra also features Voice recording which is ideal when you make videos in the field.


To buy the iCam 501 Ultra Zone 0 ATEX Camera Visit: iCam 501 Ultra Zone 0 ATEX Camera!

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iCam 501 Ultra ATEX Camera


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