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Ultrasonic Thickness Testing With The Cordex UT5000

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Tester with ATEX Certification

Ultrasonic nondestructive testing (NDT) characterizing material thickness, integrity, or other physical properties by means of high-frequency sound waves--has become a widely used technique for quality control. In thickness gaging, ultrasonic techniques permit quick and reliable measurement of thickness without requiring access to both sides of a part. Accuracies as high as ±1 micron or ±0.0001 inch are achievable in some applications. Most engineering materials can be measured ultrasonically, including metals, plastic, ceramics, composites, epoxies, and glass, as well as liquid levels and the thickness of certain biological specimens. On-line or in-process measurement of extruded plastics or rolled metal is often possible, as is measurement of single layers or coatings in multilayer materials. Modern hand held gages are simple to use and highly reliable.

Precision ultrasonic thickness gages usually operate at frequencies between 500 KHz and 100 MHZ, using piezoelectric transducers to generate bursts of sound waves when excited by electrical pulses. A wide variety of transducers with various acoustic characteristics have been developed to meet the needs of industrial applications. Typically, lower frequencies will be used to optimize penetration when measuring thick, highly attenuating, or highly scattering materials, while higher frequencies will be recommended to optimize resolution in thinner, non-attenuating, non-scattering materials.


Cordex UT5000 Thickness Meter

A pulse-echo ultrasonic thickness gage determines the thickness of a part or structure by accurately measuring the time required for a short ultrasonic pulse generated by a transducer to travel through the thickness of the material, reflect from the back or inside surface, and be returned to the transducer. In most applications this time interval is only a few microseconds or less. The measured two-way transit time is divided by two to account for the down-and-back travel path, and then multiplied by the velocity of sound in the test material.

The ATEX UT5000 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Tester is a top of te range Thickness Gauge Meter with ATEX and CSA Certification. The The ATEX UT5000 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Tester is certified for use in Zone 1 ICC T4 and tested for CSA Class 1 Div 1. The ATEX Gauge Tester is for nondestructive testing of wall thickness where access is restricted to one side only.

A compact, simple to use ultrasonic thickness gauge, typically used for corrosion surveys and general thickness measurements on metallic and non-metallic materials. The ATEX UT5000 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Tester has an onboard selection table plus user defined value and a setpoint stored in the device memory and is automatically recalled when the RFID tag is scanned. The ATEX UT5000 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Tester has a internal storage for up to 1000 measurement points.

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