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DINrail GSM/GPRS Wireless Terminal with I/O controll by SMS

DINbox GSM/GPRS Wireless Terminal with I/O controll by SMS

The DinBox GSM/GPRS Terminal range is especially designed for industrial use offering a DIN-rail housing, watchdog security and 'pocket size dimensions'.

The DinBox GSM/GPRS is a serial V.24/RS-232 DIN-rail Dual band (900/1800 MHz) GSM modem or EGSM/GPRS
modem for M²M applications with a Wavecom Q24PL module inside.

The modem is designed in a robust 22.5 mm wide DIN-rail housing with a wide range DC power supply and has a
long term watchdog implemented.

Also the DinBox GSM/GPRS Wireless Terminal is suitable for basic SMS messaging for 3 specific applications:
1. When contact (DI) changes a specific message for a specific telephone number is generated and sent
2. When contact (DI) changes a specific message for different recipients is generated and sent in a round-robin way
3. Remote control/contact via SMS application: when contact (DI) changes the modem sends a SMS to another
DinBox GSM/GPRS which starts a specific application over a Digital Output (DO)
We can also deliver a DinBox GSM/GPRS which is preconfigured in a permanent TCP socket listen (server) mode
and with an active APN connection. This GPRS application is especially made for customers willing to replace serial
PSTN modems in the field by GPRS modems. In this application we emulate a PSTN modem in a permanent
answering mode (ATS0=1) but communicating with a central dispatch system over GPRS. Of course we need a
fixed IP address to make this application work !

Features DINbox GSM/GPRS Terminal with I/O controll by SMS

- Serial RS-232 GSM/GPRS modem
- Wide range DC power supply (10-50Vdc)
- Industrial DINrail housing
- Pocket size' dimensions: 22,5 mm x 75,0 mm x 107,5 mm
- Watchdog circuit
- Worldwide CE/UL/CSA certification
DINbox GSM/GPRS Terminal with I/O controll by SMS

Housing :
DIN rail
22,5 mm x 75,0 mm x 107,5 mm
Green Color

: -10°C / +50°C
10% - 75% (non condensing)

Power supply : Integrated Wide range DC 10-40Vdc & 230 AC power supply
(Dinrail 230 Vac supply with Super CAPs on request)

Power Consumption: Idle mode: 35 mA @ 12 Vdc, Sending SMS: 100mA @ 12 Vdc

24 hour long term watchdog for uninterrupted operation

GSM modem specifications : Quad-band 800/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS modem for M2M applications

Long term watchdog (reset every 24 hours)

Magnetic Dual band antenna with standard SMA(m) connector included

Integrated 3V SIM card reader

Maximum power output:  2W @ 900MHz / 1W @ 1800MHz

Communication protocol : GPRS Class 10

GSM data
: asynchronous transparent mode

Flow control (RTS/CTS – XON/XOFF) and speed buffering

Automatic format and speed sensing (300 to 115.200 bps)

AT command set support

Circuit-switched 14.4 Kbps data and Group 3 FAX (Class 1 and 2)

Status LED’s : Watchdog - GSM - DCD - DTR – TxD - RxD

Interface : 1 x Serial RS-232 on RJ-45 connector

Digital IN : 4 x DI hardware (configuration set by configuration software):

Short-circuit input to GND to send SMS

Outputs : on request (digital or relais )

Approvals : Worldwide CE/FCC/UL/CSA approval

Warranty : 3 years

Embedded SMS application:
Device configuration: Windows configuration software
SMS information: Send SMS message on INPUT change (DI1 up to DI4)
Each input can send 1 predefined message to 1 predefined mobile number
Other functions on request 

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