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Fixed Phones

Fixed phones

Our partners from J&R Technology Ltd. came up with a lot of phones!

Here are some of the categories of phones they produce:


Weatherproof Telephones:

Our partners produce some of the best weatherproof telephones! They have a wide variety of these kind of phones inside of their portofolio. 


Explosion proof Telephones:

Also they produce amazing ATEX Telephones. They can be used inside hazardous zones where you are not allowed to place or take a normal telephone with you. They have a very wide variety of different ATEX telephones. This way you for sure can find what you are looking for with them!


Vandal Resistant Handset Telephones:

These phones are also produced by our partner. They can not be easly destroyed by someone who thinks it is fun to quickly vandalise something. Very usefull for a place where there is a lot of aggresiveness. 


Emergency Telephones:

Phones for emergency situations? Don't look any further! Our partner has some of the best of them in their portofolio!


Emergency Phone Tower:

Ideal telephones for next to a road in case for an emergency. If an accident happens. Your phone might be broken as well so it gives a safe feeling to have a lot of emergency phone towers next to the road in case a big accident happens. 


Broadcasting Telephones:

Ideal for in a factory. You can use these kind of phones to broadcast messages to the entire working floor. And you can already fill in the rest of the use cases. 


Elevater Telephone:

Imagine being stuck in an elevator. Doesn't feel nice does it? That's why it is very important to always have a phone in the elevator. This makes sure that if you are stuck in one you can communicate with the people that are trying to get you out of your struggle. 



Our partners from J&R Technology Ltd. have way more to offer then just this short overview. Contact us via our site, e-mail or call us to know more! 


ATEX Phones: https://www.atexshop.com/phones/telephones/wired-phones.html

Rugged Phones: https://www.ruggedshop.nl/phones/fixed-phones.html 



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