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The Panasonic Toughbook Omnia

The agile software development approach for cost-effective, customised mobility.

Agile Mobility. Simplified.

Managing software across multiple platforms and operating systems can be complex. Traditionally
organisations manage a diverse range of mobile IT devices, form factors and operating systems,
operating a very siloed approach. Ensuring everything is integrated and kept up to date across all
hardware and software platforms can be costly and time-consuming.
TOUGHBOOK Omnia, is a cost-effective, end-to-end software solution approach from Panasonic,
that can future-proof and greatly speed up custom application development and maintenance
cycles for your mobile business operations.
Through the use of the MCL Platform, development, testing and deployment of customised,
line-of-business software applications is reduced to days or weeks rather than months – much
faster than using a traditional software house or internal native development.
Through industry standard interfacing options, Omnia apps can synchronise with virtually any
back-end systems including SAP, Oracle, BlueYonder (JDA) and many others.
And as it’s a bespoke solution, there are virtually no limitations on how TOUGHBOOK Omnia can
work for your business.
The MCL Mobility Platform facilitates management of all the modules below:

Software Complexity, Simplified.

TOUGHBOOK Omnia, can open the door to immediate, visible
productivity improvements across your mobile IT estate:
•Custom apps built once; deployed to many form factors
Run on Android or Windows operating systems and multiple device types
•Experience process efficiencies much sooner
Apps brought to market in weeks rather than months
•Manage everything centrally and effortlessly
Let your operational teams manage users and systems from any location
•Achieve visibility of costsThanks to a cloud-based,
annual service subscription
•Get more from your technology investment
Stay future-proofed for OS and hardware transition
•Deploy new app updates and modifications faster and more easily
Using more agile, efficient and integrated processes

Redefine your line of business applications.

Let Panasonic do the hard work for you.

The TOUGHBOOK Omnia team will support you through the various stages of development.
Panasonic is ready to help manage your digital transformation and take the pressure off
your IT department. By working directly alongside you as a trusted, expert partner, we provide
customised support at every stage. 
With MCL, development time is brought down from months to weeks, and to days in some cases,
so your app can start making a difference so much sooner.
Our system development specialists will understand your specific requirements, then
provide advice and recommendations on how to improve your daily operations and productivity
through the design and development of custom software applications.
Covering full project lifecycle development, connection with multiple back end systems,
mobility best-practice, we will ensure you get the best performance from your investment.
We will design a proof of concept of your app to help make sure our solution meets your
standards. It’s software development driven by you.
Following your approval, your software project will be ready for build.
We will create your mobile app, based on the pre-agreed specification and plan, in the
MCL environment which offers complete customisation possibilities.
The MCL Mobility Platform allows customers to benefit from leading features such as:
•Enhanced workflow with Voice capability
(where possible)
•I/O features that improve data capture
accuracy across barcode, voice,
digital signature, GPS, Smart cards,
•Multi-language capability
•Full integration with back-end systems
•User Management
•Kiosk Mode
•App Desktop
Native app development can also be accommodated as part of TOUGHBOOK Omnia
Once tested and approved, we’ll support you in deploying your new app(s) across your mobile
estate and operating systems, to minimise downtime and improve the experience for your end-users.
Our systems developers will ensure everything integrates with your existing certified hardware, and
the optional MDM functionality in the MCL Mobility Platform allows future updates to be easily deployed.
Staging is made possible on various operating systems via QR codes or manual code entry, as required,
and apps are available for use offline as well as online.
Once live, we’ll continue to support your new mobility solution.
Gain access to a responsive support team you can rely on with the ability to deliver
updates fast and carry out remote viewing and control of devices for troubleshooting.
You can conveniently view the availability of your data and performance status on one
central dashboard in the optional Business Intelligence add-on.
And when the time comes for new functionality to be added to your app, our
team can work closely with you to deliver these updates to market quickly.

TOUGHBOOK Omnia, powered by MCL Technologies, is your complete end-to-end

mobile enterprise software solution.

•Experience agile software development with significantly
reduced time-to-market for bespoke software applications
•Apps are built once and deployed to many, no matter the
form factor or OS, for total convenience
•Benefit from comprehensive, end to end expertise and
360-degree Panasonic service, spanning consultation,
hardware, software, integration and support
•Experience online and offline capability on a platform that
can handle data regardless of the device being connected


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