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HD LCD outdoor TV

46 inch 4600 HD LCD outdoor TV, works in any weather

Jun 04, 2007
SunBriteTV has come up with an amazing idea I think. They made it possible for everyone to watch TV even outside the house. I like swimming a lot and I would love to have a TV by my pool so I can watch it while swimming or sunbathing. This gadget is a great possibility for those geeky "TV watchers" and gamers that cannot live without TV to at least sunbathe a bit. Our skin needs sun.

Let us go back to the gadget itself: It is a SunBrite 4600HD has a protective enclosure that protects all the inner parts of it from the elements. Water, dust and other particles can kill your TV if you get it outside. If you take your old TV outside and it gets one drop of rain on it you can throw it away. However, this will not happen to 4600HD if it gets under the rain.

As a good TV it supports several TV input formats and has several water resistant secured cables for: VGA, S-Video, Component, HDMI, Composite and RF. Believe me the picture quality is really good in this model. Its resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels and it has a contrast rate of 1600:1. It is created to work in sunny weather so you will have no problems seeing what is on during those hot days swimming in the pool.

This is not it. Working outside means a big range of temperatures at which it needs to work. SunBrite 4600HD has a special cooling system that has air filters to not let any particles into the TV itself.

It will work not only in hot weather but also when it is cold outside. Special heaters will support its work in low temperatures. It is able to work in temperatures down to 24 degrees F (4 degrees C).

Having a water proof TV is not all you need to enjoy Videos in your garden. Now you need to think of how to protect you HD sources in order to connect them to your HD TV. My opinion is just buying some longer cables and run them into the house.


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