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The Sonim XP3340 Sentinel, Ultra Rugged Lone Worker Protection

The all new Sonim XP3340 SENTINEL is a ultra rugged Lone Worker protection solution. 

 The Rugged XP3340 Sentinel has been custom designed for workers in isolated or hazardous environments in security guarding, facilities manaement, utilities, transportation and logistics, construction, agriculture and forestry. The XP 3340 ultra rugged phone is simple to use and has remotely configurable dedicated red, amber and green buttons to raise the alarm.

Red Alarm Button:

The Red alarm button can be used in emergencies to send GPS position and automatically call an emergency response team. Position updates are sent every few minutes.

Amber Alert Button:

The amber alert button can be used to request enhanced monitoring and GPS tracking. Monitoring service tracks you on a map and reminds you to check-in regularly until you cancel the amber alert. 

Green Button:

Logon to the monitoring service when starting your shift and logoff when the shift ends. 

Man Down Sensor:

The man down sensor detects falls, impacts, extended lack of movement or loss of vertical position, and raises the red alarm even if the worker can't press any buttons. 


The Rugged XP3340 Sentinel Lone Worker Phone has widely spaced keys for gloved use, higher resolution display with good outdoor visibility, strong antenna performance, active noise canceling microphone and loud audio with a 23mm speaker. 

The Lone Worker Protection Phone has advanced man-down accelerometer sensors which can be configured over the air by the monitoring service to detect accidents matching the end user's specific work scenario, including impact, free-fall, prolonged tilt and no-movement at various thresholds. 

The XP3340 Sentinel Lone worker protection phone is fully water submersible with IP68 rating and has the industry's longest battery life of up to 29 hours of GPS tracking time. 

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