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Zineon PDA

Zineon PDA offers you a rugged mobile device that doesn’t sacrifice performance
in any way. This device was designed to meet specialized needs and is specifically
intended for field applications. It possesses the capabilities to keep
you connected while fending off the everyday natural elements. Designed
to be used in less-than-ideal conditions, this handheld system offers you the
tools you need to get the job done. When rugged mobility is a must, Zineon PDA
is the solution you need.

Zineon PDA

A truly mobile device

The Zineon PDA feels natural and comfortable to handle and does not compensate
in quality by serving as a lightweight portable. Small and easier to maintain
than your average laptop, Zineon PDA does not restrict the user in terms of
mobility as a portable computer would. Providing autonomy to permit staff
members to perform their job on a high-performance level is just one of its
main features. Operated with a stylus or fingers on a touch-sensitive screen,
manipulation is easy. The various communication modules and the extended
battery life allow users to be connected and active all the time.

Unique functions
It is safe to say that Zineon PDA is one of the few devices to combine a variety
of functions in one single housing.
Aside from an impressive list of features, our latest mobile system supplies you
with a built-in barcode scanner, RFID, and chip card identification.
In addition to the previous advantages, Zineon PDA is capable of providing
companies with a desktop, wireless connectivity and a mobile cradle system.
This last feature emphasizes our product’s transformation capabilities by making it possible to
connect this device to your vehicle. In order to maximize integration and optimization of your company’s work flow,
Zineon is the best choice.

Suited for a wide variety of applications
In today’s digital connected world mobile devices have become standard
working tools for many organizations. With its 7 inch touch-screen, Zineon PDA
is one of the latest creations in a long line of mobile systems. Performance
is absolutely critical to a firm’s success. Zineon’s PDA concern is supplying companies
with quality solutions to be used actively by professionals from all
industries. From law enforcement, safety surveillance to health care professionals
and any other industry that needs fast and accurate data, Zineon PDA
is dedicated to improving productivity and performance in every workplace.

Zineon PDA

In comparison to your standard PDA or laptop, Zineon PDA presents you a unique
mobile device. It can convert to modular solutions such as an integrated
navigation system and a printer as well. Our company designs these units
combined with a variety of features that makes these rugged and extremely
durable mobile systems exceptional. Most companies require just that kind
of system to integrate in their everyday working environment. This unit also
provides an extension connector that gives opportunity for expanding its capabilities
even further. The ways Zineon PDA has of transforming itself into other
various solutions make it all the more desirable.

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