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Remote Switch VRT012 Gate controller

Description Remote Switch VRT012 Gate controller

Do you need a product which can provide authorized access system for car parking or door control mechanisms? A product which allows you to turn ON/OFF your system, machines, equipments remotely? If yes, then all you need is VRT012 remote switch.

VRT012 is a very simple device which can be used for authorized door access, controlling gates, switching of remote equipments, car parking systems; activate/deactivate alarm systems and etc. Actually this device can be used in places which require ON/OF switching action.

Your cell phone can become your Remote control. You don’t need any more the ordinary remote control, because you will be able to open your Barriers and doors with your cell phone. Just dial from Authorized User number and the Barrier and doors are opened. There are no call costs; the device rejects the call from authorized number

Let you phone do 2 jobs – call and control. No need to provide a remote control for different users. Real time add/remove users. Control by SMS. No call costs. VRT012 is also a configurable device. User can configure the settings for relay and authorized phone numbers. There are two ways in which the device can be configured;

By sending an SMS. By connecting the device to a PC using COM port interface and then using the VRT012 configuration software. In short it can be said that VRT012 is a simplified, user-friendly and economical product which can be easily integrated into your existing system with minimal modifications.

Features Remote Switch VRT012 Gate controller:

-Wireless control using the GSM

-Up to 500 authorized phone numbers can be configured

-Automatic relay turn OFF through relay timeout or external input

-Remote configuration through SMS

-Local configuration through RS232 (serial) port

-In built relay with 5A current rating

-External GSM antenna

-Easy integration into existing systems

-Small form factor with DIN railing package

-Easy to use configuration software

Technical specifications Remote Switch VRT012 Gate controller:

-Dual band 900/1800 Mhz GSM modem

-Non-answering call support

-Text SMS support

-5A relay rating

-Single digital input

-Connector: Serial port (using RJ45 socket)

-12V DC power supply

-4 single colour LED’s

-External antenna connector (SMA)

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