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iPhone CIT400

Get cordless handset convenience when you use Skype! Now when you want to talk to your friends you don't need your computer because the Skype application is pre-loaded on the phone. The iPhone Dual-Mode Cordless Internet Telephony Kit with Skype comes with the handset, charger, and a Base Station that plugs into your broadband network and to the standard telephone line plug. Dual-Mode capability lets you choose whether to make calls over a standard telephone line or with Skype. Just select who you want to talk to from your contact list on your handset and get ready to talk.

Of course, the Handset supports SkypeOut dialing as well as your Skype contact list display. It rings when you have a Skype or SkypeIn or standard telephone call coming in, and shows the caller's ID on the screen. The Handset also supports call waiting and Skype's optional Voicemail service. When you're on a call, you can hit the Mute button for privacy, or use the speakerphone function to let everyone join in.

The iPhone Dual-Mode Cordless Internet Telephony Kit allows you to choose to make calls to other Skype users or over your existing standard telephone line. You'll get the convenience of a cordless phone and all its features, plus the high-quality voice reception integrated right into your Skype handset, no computer is required!

The iPhone CIT400 is also part of the iPhone family of handheld devices which harness the power of the Internet to deliver more than talk, uniting the familiarity of the telephone with compelling Internet services, access to personal content, and integration with the home to create complete communications solutions.


Frequency Bands                        Europe:1880-1900MHz, North America:1920-1930MHz, South America:1910-1930MHz
Standards                                     DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication Standard)
Distance Range                         300 Meters Outdoor, 50 meters Indoor
Number of Channels                 10 channels (Europe & SA), 5 channels (NA)
Standby /Talktime                       120 hours / 10 hours
Display                                         4K color LCD with 128x128 pixels
Power                                             2 X AA 750mAh NiMH rechargeable batteries
Base Station
Ports                                             Ethernet 10/100 (RJ45), Line ( RJ11)
Button                                           Handset Locator
LEDs                                           (4) Skype, Phone Line, Ethernet, Activity
Power                                           7.5V 500mA
Power                                           7.5V 150mA


  • iPhone provides integration with the home to create complete communications solutions
  • Use Skype without the need of a computer
  • 2-in-1 Cordelss DECT telephone for Skype and standard telephone lines
  • Route calls between Skype or standard telephone line (PSTN)
  • Plug and Dial -- Easy to install and easy to use
  • Expandable up to 4 handsets with a single base station
  • Hands-free Speakerphone with one key touch
  • Graphical color LCD display with status indicators
  • Status display of Skype contact list, Skype voicemail, and SkypeOut credit
  • Superior sound quality
  • Polyphonic MIDI ringer melodies on handset
  • Voice encryption for maximum security
  • 120 hours standby time, 10 hours talk time
  • Automatic updates on the Skype client

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