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Gigaset hc450 siemens


DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunicatios). Fermax has developed the first

wireless audio door entry system with DECT technology. This system, designed for

houses, businesses, offices, warehouses, shops, companies...uses advanced DECT

technology for communication between the outdoor panel and the home, so it does

not need any installation between the two. As well as saving on installation, this

equipment has other advantages. THE FERMAX DECT DOOR ENTRY SYSTEM has a

double use: 1. AUDIO ENTRY SYSTEM, allowing communication with the outdoor panel and the opening of the door. 2. TELEPHONE to receive and make outside calls using the existing telephone line. The home terminal is a wireless phone that allows the user complete mobility and freedom to attend to visitors and outside calls from

anywhere (in the garden, the swimming pool, the kitchen, the warehouse, the back

room of a shop, the second floor of the house, the garage etc.) using the same

telephone. The equipment is compatible with any DECT telephone (GAP compatible on the market).

It has: - HANDS-FREE functioning. Very useful in offices, receptions, etc. - The ringing tone can be programmed to distinguish whether the call is coming from the outdoor panel or from outside. - Extras: telephone number book with search, automatic receiver lifting, redial, secrecy mode, emergency call, on-screen coverage indicator, low battery indicator, multi-language function, 9 programmable tunes, call identification and missed calls, internal communication with the opportunity to transfer calls. This DECT WIRELESS AUDIO ENTRY KIT includes: outdoor panel, power supply, telephone base, telephone with holding grip, plug-in power supply and batteries for the telephone.















DECT (DIGITAL ENHANCED CORDLESS TELECOMMUNICATIONS) Advanced digital technology for transmitting information via

radio (without wires).


• Operating frequency: 1880-1900 MHz.

• Ensures privacy of transmission. The information is encrypted so it cannot be intercepted by any device.

• Free of interference.

• Dynamic channel selection to ensure the best audio quality at all times.

HOW DOES IT WORK? answer, press “lift receiver” (green button) To open the door, press asterisk To activate another

device (a light, a second door, etc), press 5 It is possible to expand the installation with a second outdoor panel or

secondary telephones ref 1206


• The range or operating distance of the kit is approximately 30 metres, depending on the characteristics of the

installation (measured between the outdoor panel and the telephone base).

• It is recommended that the telephone base is positioned as close as possible to the outdoor panel (e.g. by the entrance

door, the hall etc.)

• The outdoor panel must be kept away from metal parts.

Size of product when packed: 36x25x7

Weight: 2,3061 kg

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